Expulsion of a Baha’i Student from University

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According to HRANA [Human Rights Activists News Agency], in a continuation, and at an ever-increasing rate, of the expulsions of Baha’i students from universities in Iran, Ms. Yasama Jan Fada, a resident of Bandar-Lengeh (Provice of Hormozgan), has been expelled from university. She was in the 5th semester of her studies in Industrial Management at Bandar-Abbas University. She was denied her right to continue her education at the University solely due to her religious belief in the Baha’i Faith.

According to Navard, the current restrictions ― i.e., denial of the matriculation of Baha’is at universities ― have been in place since 1359 [1980-1981], after the Cultural Revolution. In 1383 [2004-2005], however, after the removal of the questions regarding religious beliefs [from university entrance application forms], some Baha’i students were allowed to enter universities, but the majority of them were subsequently expelled due to their religious belief. Other [Baha’i students], although allowed to take Konkoor [Iran’s National University Entrance Exam], were denied admission for reasons such as “incomplete application form”. Those who are currently studying at universities are gradually being expelled solely on the basis of their religious belief; in most cases any official communication, documentation or reason for their expulsion is refused to them; therefore they are not able to pursue any legal means to redress the infringement of their rights.

[Source: http://www.hra-news.org/news/5655.aspx; Translated by Iran Press Watch]


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  1. N. E. Hoyle

    November 24, 2009 7:23 pm

    The Regime obviously does not realize that it’s every action of this type helps to spread greater awareness of the Baha’i Faith both within the country and throughout the world — and to garner sympathy among the enlightened for an oppressed people. The days of being able to hide ones inequities from scrutiny and judgement are a thing of the past.


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