Citizens speak up for Baha'is in Iran


(DNA) Just five days before the trial of seven former leaders of the Baha’is in Iran, prominent citizens have expressed concern at the continued persecution of the community and urged the government of India to speak out.

Maja Daruwala, director, Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, said, “This trial is designed to harass and intimidate and is one more in a line of persecution of this community. Our country has a record of pluralism and tolerance and must speak out.”

According to lawyer Zia Mody, senior partner in AZB & Partners, “The campaign in the Iranian media wrongly accusing the Baha’is of being behind the recent civil unrest in Iran on the holy day of Ashura is extremely worrying, given its timing. This is unhappily evident from the articles being published right now by Iran’s most widely read paper.”

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