Verdict issued for two Baha’is


Two Baha’is residing in the province of Mazandaran were given new sentences – imprisonment and cash fines – by the Provincial Appeals Court.

Harana News – Rights of religious minorities: The appeals court of the province of Mazandaran sentenced two resident Baha’is to imprisonment and cash fines. In addition, the court called a third resident to appear at a hearing regarding relevant charges.

According to the report by the Baha’i Committee for Human Rights Activists in Iran, the Number Ten Appeals Court of Mazandaran issued a revised sentence for Pegah Sanai, who had been previously sentenced to pay a fine of 20 million Rials in lieu of one year’s imprisonment. The new sentence calls for a fine of 70,000 Rials.

The court also revised the verdict of Ms Firoozeh Yegan Asadi, who had been sentenced to one year imprisonment, to a reduced sentence of six months.

It is noteworthy that these two Baha’i residents were charged and tried for the crime of propaganda against the regime in support of unlawful organizations. In a similar case, another Baha’i, Mr. Masoud Ata’iyan, who is a resident of the city of Qaemshahr, and had been kept in solitary confinement for three months at the Shahid Kouchaki penitentiary at the beginning of the year, was called to present himself to the Sari Revolutionary Court for his hearing on the 3rd of Bahman [23 Jan 2010].

Translation by Iran Press Watch


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  1. Peter Burns

    January 30, 2010 5:20 pm

    The peacefull Baha`is should be released ,as they have not commited any crime as they are model citizens in the Iranian society according to the teaching of Baha`u`llah


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