Whangarei Art Museum: "ey! iran," "Baha'i Martyrs of Iran," and more…

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Whangarei Art Museum: “Ey! Iran,” “Baha’i Martyrs of Iran,” and more…

Editor: “Whangarei Art Museum opened a suite of powerful art exhibitions including ‘The Baha’i Martyrs of Iran’ and ‘ey! iran’ and ‘Exiles’. Here is just a taste of what is on offer.”
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeEm7v4OxtY


[Editor: For more information about the exhibition “Baha’i Martyrs of Iran” please click on the links below to view the press release and to watch the video documentary about the artworks.




For more information about the exhibition please contact [email protected] ]


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