Destruction of fifty Baha'i residences in the village of Ivel in Mazandaran


Thursday 3 Tir 1389 [24 Jun 2010]

Ivel, Mazandaran, Iran
Ivel, Mazandaran, Iran

Baha’is of Ivel village [also written as Eival, or Evel] in Mazandaran, found out that the non-Baha’i citizens were preparing a local petition for the destruction, leveling and excavation of Baha’i residences; operations began yesterday in the village.

Human Rights News Service in Iran

RHANA: The Baha’is of Ivel village in Mazandaran went to Kiasar Municipality and informed them of the problem, but that entity negated the issue and declared it illegal. The next day, in addition to going to the Municipality of Kiasar again, they went to the Farmandary [county office] and the Provincial offices in Sari, as well as the General Court in Kiasar and the Public Order unit of Telmadareh, but all claimed ignorance, declaring such an act to be condemned and illegal, and calling the perpetrators criminals.

As reported by Rhana, in the midst of these events, a Baha’i family (that of Mahmood Piri) come face to face with a vehicle with 4 occupants, and noticed that a number of people were busy upstairs destroying their property .

At that point, Mahmood Piri encountered physical abuse from one of the occupants of the vehicle and was forced to leave the scene.

The Piri family along with another Baha’i family (Rohani) were not allowed to enter the area or even the vicinity by the people busy with the destruction. For 48 hours the village and the surrounding area were quarantined, and there was a constant watch to prevent people entering the village; moreover, all the roads were blocked. According to one person, 4 loaders and a number of trucks were busy tearing down, leveling and excavating around 50 of the Baha’i homes in Ivel.

Translation by Iran Press Watch


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