A total of 140 years of prison for the seven Baha'i leaders


HRANA News – Each of the 7  former leaders of the Baha’i community has been sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment.

As reported by the Committee of Reporters on Human Rights, this sentence comes after more than 2 years during which they had been detained in prison, under repeated illegal orders.  Previously, many times court sessions had been postponed, but in recent months, after holding several court sessions, finally the 20 year sentence of imprisonment has been handed down to their attorneys.
Six of the seven Baha’is who had been responsible for attending to the affairs of the Baha’is of Iran had been detained since 25 Ordibehesht 1387 [14 May 2008], following coordinated attacks by the security forces on their homes.  The seventh, Mrs Mahvash Sabet, had been arrested in Mashad previously, on 15 Esfand 1386 [5 March 2008].

Translation by Iran Press Watch

Source: http://www.hra-news.org/1389-01-27-05-24-07/3178-1.html


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