Detainment of Behnam Mote'arefi, a Baha'i in Semnan


Wednesday 13 Mordad 1389 [4 Aug 2010] at 2:45 PM

Behnam Mote'arefi, a Baha'i of Semnan
Behnam Mote'arefi, a Baha'i of Semnan

HRANA News – Behnam Mote’arefi, a Baha’i of Semnan, was arrested and taken to Semnan prison to serve his prison term.

As reported by HRANA reporters, he was detained last year, was found guilty, and was then sentenced to 18 months of punitive imprisonment, on the charges of propaganda against the regime and membership in the Baha’i administration.

In this connection, recently the Review Court of Semnan confirmed the initial order.

Semnan, Iran
Semnan, Iran

Mr Mote’arefi was arrested on 27 Ordibehesht of last year [17 May 2009], after his house was searched by Information Ministry officers; he had been freed on bail on 30 Ordibehesht 1388 [20 May 2009].

Translation by Iran Press Watch



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  1. brooks

    August 12, 2010 2:15 am

    Is it now a crime to believe in God and to rely solely on His guidance and protection. If so, then they are certainly jailing the right people. See the good will and love in this man’s face. His heart is alight with joy. If the eyes are the windows of the soul then Mr. Mote’arefi soul is a beacon. If all the pure spirits are being rounded up and sent to jail then praise be to God, they have truly found and jailed the golden ore of humanity. Our prayers are with you, and your family.


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