Arrest of Mojgan Ebadi, Baha'i resident of Vilashahr, Isfahan


Vilashahr or Vīlā Shahr (Persian: ويلاشهر) is a small town in Iran, located in the rural area of Isfahan (city)
Vilashahr or Vīlā Shahr (Persian: ويلاشهر) is a small town in Iran, located in the rural area of Isfahan (city)

Sunday 7 Shahrivar 1389 [29 Aug 2010] at 6:12 AM

HRANA News – On Wednesday morning the 3rd of Shahrivar 1389 [25 Aug 2010], Mojgan Ebadi, a Baha’i, was detained at her home in Vilashahr, a suburb of Isfahan [], and her computer and personal mobile telephone were confiscated.

In a telephone call with her family, she gave the news of her arrest; she is currently being detained in Dastgerd prison in Isfahan.

As reported by the Committee of Human Rights Reporters, in connection with the detainment of other Baha’is of Vilashahr, on Wednesday the 3rd of Shahrivar, the 20-day detainment of Faraz Rouhi, Jinoos Joshanian and Nasim Rouhi [see] was completed; yet they were only able to have a 15 minute visit with their families. In spite of giving commitments to discontinue their teaching activities they remain under arrest. It seems that the reason for the detainment of these individuals was in connection with their social service activities in the village of Quleh-ye Musa Khan.

These four social service activists are currently being held in Dastgerd prison of Isfahan.

The pressure on the Baha’i community in Iran continues; as noted by the community’s spokesman, 47 believers of the Baha’i Faith are currently being held in prisons in Iran and the seven former informal leaders of the Iranian Baha’i community have been condemned to heavy sentences of 20 years of imprisonment.

Translation by Iran Press Watch


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  1. anonymous

    September 2, 2010 7:39 am

    Wow, how are the residents of Isfahan supposed to feel safe, knowing that Baha’is might be out there committing crimes like providing social services? It must be really hard on them living with so much fear. (That was sarcasm, in case it wasn’t obvious.)


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