Only Democracy For Iran calls the International Criminal Court to action.

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Only Democracy for IranOnly Democracy For Iran published an article in which it discusses the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court and its role in brining about charges of crime against humanity to the political leaders currently in power in Iran. Iran Press Watch of course, being inspired by the Baha’i principals of non-political involvement, does not endorse the ideas one way or the other, however, the mention of the Baha’i persecution in the article is accurate and of interest to us:

Bahā’ī Persecution
Because Bahā’ī were assumed to have been Muslims before accepting their “false” revelation, the Iranian Bahā’īs were considered to be apostates ny the Islamic Republic of Iran. By omitting them from constitutional recognition in the constitution after 1978, the clerics’ hoped to destroy the conditions needed for their survival as a community with a distinct religious identity. They attacked Bahá’ís on all possible grounds and in all spheres of public life, from elementary education to professional occupations, from marriage ceremonies to cemeteries. More than 200 of their leaders were murdered. Although many fled the country, the community endured and survived the harshest years of the 1980s.

You can read the full article here:
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  1. Concorde

    September 15, 2010 1:30 pm

    This would be a beautiful piece of news. All those collaborating with human rights violation issues, the judges who endorse injust sentenses, civil servants applying injust orders, should know that one day or another peace will inevitably arrive and lawlessness will be remedied and they will have to reply for their deeds. They will need to distance themselves openly and clearly from human rights violations NOW before it is too late.


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