Noora Nabil-Zadeh, a Baha'i, Released from Jail


HRA RAHANA News AgencyHuman Rights Activists in Iran reporters (HRA) — Noora Nabil-Zadeh, a Baha’i of Mashhad, a city in the Khorasan province of Iran, was released yesterday [Saturday Sept 18th] on bail of 50 million Tomans [approx. $50,000] from Mashhad’s prison.

Noora Nabil-Zadeh, a Baha'i in the Kurdistan

Mashhad (Persian: مشهد, ‹Mašhad›, literally the place of martyrdom) is the second largest city in Iran and one of the holiest cities in the Shia Muslim world.

According to HRA reporters, on the afternoon of the first of Tir [July 22nd], Noora Nabil-Zadeh was arrested by agents of the Ministry of Information on charges of teaching the Baha’i Faith, while she and a few of her friends were actually working as volunteers with children at an orphanage, teaching them music and doing other activities.

The agents then took her back to her house; while searching the house, they confiscated all of her family’s books related to the Baha’i Faith, desktop and laptop computers, and cellular phones.

Translation by Iran Press Watch
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