Workplace of a Baha'i in Karaj is burned down


Workplace of a Baha'i in Karaj is burned downq

(HRANA, Monday, 27 Sept 2010): In keeping with the latest escalation of the persecution and repression of Baha’is in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the workplace of one Baha’i in Karaj [a suburb of Tehran] was set on fire.

According to the HRANA reporters, at midnight on Thursday, Sept. 23, 2010, unknown assailants used the cover of the late hours of the night to attack a furniture store [sofas and chairs] belonging to Talaat Aharari. The noise of the glass breaking, and the ensuing discharge of fire-inducing materials awoke the neighbors, at which time the assailants fled the scene.

It is important to note that in recent months, similar hate crimes against Baha’is have been committed in other cities as well, such as Semnan and Rafsanjan.

HRANATranslation by Iran Press Watch

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  1. Ali

    October 3, 2010 9:26 am

    Iran’s economy is in ruins, Rial is worthless, oil industry is falling apart, Aya Rafsenjani’s pistachios are banned from import to America, foreign governments are canceling their contracts with Ayas, banks in Aya land are running out of money and are printing fake dollars….Even Ayas’ command and control computers are refusing to carryout orders:

    And what do these desperate Ayas do to pull the nation out of the abyss? They perpetrate these heinous acts against your coreligionist whose only crime is that they believe in God despite 160 years of being attacked by the Devil.  


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