Weekly Report on Violation of Baha’i Rights

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Human Rights House of Iran, RAHANA(RAHANA 4-Dec-2010) The following are the Baha’i rights violations in the past week: Massoud Ataeian, Saman Sabeti and Sepideh Masoumi have begun serving their prison sentence and a Shiraz Baha’i resident has been arrested.

The following is a report on the Bahai rights violations in the past week:

November 28, 2010
Massoud Ataeian to Begin Serving His Sentence
Massoud Ataeian, a Baha’i resident of Ghaemshar, will begin serving his 10 month sentence in the Ghaemshar Prison.
According to the RAHANA reporter, Ataeien had previously been held in the solitary confinement unit of the Sari Detention Center for 3 months. His 10 month prison sentence was upheld in the appeals court.
Saman Sabeti Began Serving His Sentence
Ghaemshahr Bahai resident Saman Sabeti has been transferred to the prison to serve his sentence.

November 29, 2010
Sepideh Massoumi Began Serving Her Sentence
Sepideh Massoumi, a Sari Baha’i resident, has been transferred to prison in order to serve her 5 month prison term.

November 30, 2010
Baha’i Citizen Arrested in Shiraz
Rouhollah Khaleghi, a Baha’i resident of Shiraz was arrested after the security forces appeared at his house and transferred him to an unknown location.
According to the RAHANA reporter, the security forces searched his house and confiscated his computer, CDS, books and personal belongings on November 9th. They transferred him to an unknown location after arresting him.

source: http://www.rahana.org/en/?p=8173


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