Brazil: Federal Chamber of Deputies hears plea for support of Iran’s Baha’is

, , 4 Comments (4 April 2011) Brazilian Federal Deputy Luiz Couto – former President of the Human Rights and Minorities Commission – explained to a Plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies how international pressure indicated to the Iranian government that the world is watching the abuses committed against the Baha’is. “The accusations that keep the Baha’i leaders imprisoned are completely false,” he said, “invented with the intention to justify the unacceptable, purely religious persecution…The National Congress, Brazilian society and other countries must express their support to the Baha’i community. In Brazil, there are more than 65,000 Baha’is, beyond the hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries of their activities, directed toward the improvement of living conditions for the people of the localities where they live.”

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  1. Linda

    April 26, 2015 7:30 pm

    All the Divine Teachers taught Love, Compassion, Unity, Non Judgement, and to love one another as He loves us. These treacherous actions against the Baha’s is not done in the name of God. These people are the Divine Law breakers. God bless the Baha’s.


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