Baha’i Citizen Vajiollah Mirza-Golpour Transferred to Death Row Ward


Baha’i citizen Vajiollah Mirza-Golpour (RAHANA 8 May 2011) The family of Baha’i citizen Vajiollah Mirza-Golpour has stated that he has been transferred to the Execution Ward.

been led around the city with shackles in order to be humiliated has been transferred to the Execution Ward.

His family stated that during their prison visit, he stated that he is held in the execution ward of prison.

His interrogator has informed him that he will undergo a harsh interrogation in the upcoming days. Golpour is suffering from heart problems and is deprived of the basic rights of a prisoner. He has to sleep on the ground in prison.




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  1. Andrew Bennett

    May 19, 2011 1:04 am

    This angers me so much, the animals that are in control in Iran are just that and nothing more.


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