Educational Discrimination in Iran: Denied the Right to Learn; at University of California @Berkeley

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Berkeley, California, April 22, 2011

Main speakers: Ms. Firuzeh Mahmoudi & Dr. Farhad Sabetan

On a Friday evening almost a month ago, students, faculty, and community members from throughout Northern California gathered together in solidarity. The gathered to acknowledge an often overlooked but appalling type human rights abuse that occurs in Iran: educational discrimination. These members of the academic of the famous UC-Berkeley campus and greater community game from diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural groups, and found themselves united by their sense of justice and solidarity with students in Iran denied the right to formal education at the secondary and higher levels of education.
These were not simply Iranian students showing solidarity, but Brazilians, Anglo-Americans, Nicaraguans, Salvadorians, and Afghans.

The event focused on systematic academic discrimination in Iran including violations of the right to education against religious minorities including the Baha’i, ethnic minorities, Afghan refugees, and women. The discriminatory starred system was discussed as well.This event was co-sponsored by UC Berkeley Baha’i Club, United4Iran, The Association Against Educational Discrimination, and Iranian student alliance in America.

Mrs. Firuzeh Mahmoudi, the co-founder of United4Iran on educational discrimination in Iran

Dr. Farhad Sabetan, spokesperson for the Baha’i International Community on educational discrimination in Iran

Educational Discrimination in Iran and International Law

Discrimination against Religious Minorities in Iran

Discrimination against Afghan Refugees in Iran

Discrimination against Ethnic Minorities in Iran

Educational Discrimination in Iran: Personal Story of a Baha’i Graduate Student


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