Baha’i Citizens Pejman Nikounejad and Sharareh Kashani Arrested

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pejman-nikounejad-150x150 (RAHANA 7 June 2011) Baha’i citizen Pejman Nikounejad has been arrested along with his wife Sharareh Kashani.

The officials who arrested them introduced themselves with a false identity and entered the house after the door was opened.

According to the Human Rights House of Iran, they have been arrested for organizing a religious ceremony at their residence. The ten security agents who entered the house hit one of the individuals in the house and got the signature of the other people present promising that they would not participate in a religious ceremony.

During the arrest, the faith related books, computers, satellite and some of the belongings were confiscated. The couple was arrested and there are no reports as to their whereabouts.

The Intelligence Ministry agents in Northern Iran had also arrested 3 Baha’i citizens by the names of Misagh Laghaei, Mahvand Laghaei and Nadia Farhadi who organized a religious ceremony, in the recent days.




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