Three Baha’i Citizens Arrested in Mashhad and Isfahan

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sanaz-tafazoli (RAHANA 28 June 2011) Two Baha’i citizens have been arrested in Isfahan and one Baha’i citizen has been detained in Mashhad.

Following the recent arrests of Baha’i citizens, 2 people have been detained in Isfahan and one has been detained in Mashhad.

Isfahan, Iran According to the Human Rights House of Iran, Ayeh Anvari and Farhood Eshtiyagh have been arrested in Isfahan and Sanaz Tafazzoli(Rouhi) has been detained in Mashhad.

Farhood Eshtiyagh had also been detained in February and had been released on bail.

The Intelligence authorities searched the residence of Ayeh Anvari while Ayeh and her husband were absent. The authorities broke the door and confiscated all her documents including the documents of her car and her house, the birth certificates, and her Baha’i related books. A summons order had been left at the house for Ayeh Anvari.

Sanaz Tafazzoli was detained while she has 2 young children and her husband has been sentenced to suspended imprisonment.


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  1. brooks

    July 8, 2011 10:50 am

    By these arrests the world is seeing the continuation of a policy of harassment against the Baha’i community that has only brought the charge of hypocrisy to Iran’s clerical regime and shame to the religion of Muhammad the authorities are sworn to honor and observe. The prayers of the world -including those of Iran’s devoted believers -ask for the protection of all those abused by this benighted band of clerics who hold their countrymen in their grip.


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