Four Baha’i Citizens Arrested

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Human Rights House of Iran, RAHANA (RAHANA, 7 July 2011) The security forces have arrested Maliheh Roozbeh, Zhinous Gholampour, Parvaneh Bahamin and behrouz Bahamin.

According to the Human Rights House of Iran, Maliheh Roozbeh(Roozkhosh) was arrested in the Province of Fars by Intelligence agents. There are no reports on her condition. She has a 7 year old daughter.

Zhinous Gholampour has also been arrested in Northern Iran and trasnfererd to an undisclosed location.

Furthermore, Parvaneh Bahamin has been arrested in a village in Yasouj and transferred to a detention center in the city. He brother Behrouz Bahamin was also arrested on the same day and trasferred to a detention center in Shiraz.


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