Baha’i Citizen Vajih Nasheri Arrested

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Vajih Nasheri, Baha’i citizen and wife of Vajihollah Mirza-golpour who had been led around the city with shackles, has been arrested.

Baha’i resident of Sari Vajih Nasheri has been arrested by three Intelligence Ministry agents.

During the arrest, her husband Golpour who had previously been arrested, interrogated and led around the city with shackles, asked to accompany his sick wife but his request was denied.

Mrs. Golpour is 60 and is suffering from diseases such as stomach ache. Even though 8 days have passed since her arrest, her husband has been unable to transfer her medications to her.

He had been told that he has to wait a week for the indictment while according to law a prisoner must be indicted within 24 hours.

It looks like a case has been filed against her following the letter she wrote describing what her husband went through during his arrest.



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  1. Wellental

    September 12, 2011 10:31 am

    Imagine: Those responsible for such deeds often boast of being religious! Blindly following the ideology of an ungodly and inhuman system, they even believe that their coward brutality defends the cause of God on earth. If only they were able to reflect for one moment, they would find that God abhors them and their system.
    As to Mrs. Naseri, her noble husband and the innumerable innocent victims of this brutal system, we can but bow our heads in adoration and pray that God may assist them.


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