Baha'i Freedom Walk- trailer

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BAHÁ’Í Freedom walk — The Baha’i Faith is recognised globally as a peaceful religion with teachings that promote the betterment and advancement of humanity, spiritually, socially and economically.


Sadly members of such a well respected Faith are oppressed and persecuted in Iran, which goes against all International Human Rights treaties and laws. A couple from New Zealand wishing to show their support for this oppressed minority organised a walk in Auckland, New Zealand to bring awareness to the plight of the Bahá’ís in Iran which still continues to this day.This episode follows that event.



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  1. Nonagon1947

    October 8, 2011 6:33 am

    Here’s a historical perspective ‘they’ won’t like: had this kind of tool been available to humanity back in the 40s, most likely the Holocaust would never have happened – at the very least, it could have been curtailed. Today, the ‘Ayat’u’llah-cracy’ denies that it ever did! Let’s use our tools, then, for the betterment of all, before it becomes too late to do so!

    We are privileged to live in this time, for sure. – Marty


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