Shayan Tafazoli Continues to Be Imprisoned in the Quarantine Section of Mashhad Prison

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Translation by Iran Press Watch


HARANA News  (HRA) – A Baha’i resident named Shayan Tafazoli, who was arrested approximately two months ago by the Intelligence and Security Office of the city of Mashhad, and was then transferred to Vakilabad prison, continues to be held in the quarantine section of this prison.

 According to reports from HRA, the News Branch of Human Rights Activists in Iran, this Baha’i resident who was arrested about two months ago in Mashhad, despite having been transferred to Vakilabad prison, and after a period of a week, continues to be held in the quarantine section of the prison.  This is while two ladies, who had been transferred from the Intelligence and Security Office to Vakilabad Prison, have now been transferred to the women’s prisoners of the ideology section of the prison after one day.  It is noteworthy that the quarantine section of the prison is a short term holding place for new prisoners to Vakilabad prison, and due to lack of appropriate food and medical facilities, the prisoners, after spending one or two days, are transferred to the general section of the prison.

One of the informed Baha’is in Mashhad said the following regarding the condition of this ideology prisoner:  “Holding Mr. Tafazoli in this ward (quarantine) for the long term is illegal, and the subject must, like the rest of the Baha’i prisoners, be transferred to the Ideology prisoner’s section.  In the quarantine section they only hold prisoners who are being punished, or are severe drug addicts, or are infected with contagious diseases; therefore they have no reason to keep this Baha’i prisoner for the long-term in this section.”

This source told HRA: “Shayan Tafazoli was arrested on the night of Monday 2 June, when Intelligence and Security Ministry agents, without a warrant, were searching the home of one of the Baha’is in Mashhad.   After he was transferred to the Ministry of Intelligence and Security offices, a two-month detention was issued for him.  After completing the two-month detention, however, Mr. Tafazoli was not freed, but was transferred to the quarantine section of Mashhad prison. This happened although his investigation was completed some time back, and also his family is ready to post a bail.  It is likely that the Ministry of Intelligence and Security of Mashhad is planning a new detention order for Shayan Tafazoli, in order to justify its action.


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