Bahai Student Expelled from University in Miandoab

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Source: PCED (facebook group)

Translation by Sen’s Daily at


Yalda Na’imeyan, a student at the Payam-e Nur
University in Miandoab, has been expelled from the university after
five semesters of study because of her Bahai beliefs. Her expulsion
took place on May 17, 2014, but has only just been reported. Her
efforts to obtain a written statement of the reasons for her
expulsion have been fruitless. The University branch in Miandoab
referred her to the head office in Tehran. She could not obtain a
written statement there either. However a worker at the head office
in Tehran told her that the head of the Payame-e Nur University of
Azarbayjan province expelled her because of her Bahai beliefs.


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