Shame and Nothing Else!

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

Mohammad Nourizad and Dr. Mohammad Maleki visit a group of Baha’is who have been deprived of higher education.

 The Society to Combat Discrimination in Education – The Iranian Director, screenwriter and journalist, Mohammad Nourizad, accompanied by Dr. Mohammad Maleki, the first Rector of Tehran University after the Revolution, met with a group of Baha’is who have been deprived of higher education. In his personal Facebook page, Mohammad Nourizad described this meeting under the title: “Shame and Nothing Else”.


Shame and Nothing Else!

I don’t want to talk about those of us who brought the Islamic Revolution to reality and about who we were, all the atrocities we committed, all the people we beat up, murdered, imprisoned, whose families we ruined, whose property we stole and whom we forced to leave their country. I will only say that one example is the twenty thousand young Baha’is whom we did not allow to take advantage of the tree of knowledge in their own country.

In this photograph, Dr. Mohammad Maleki, the first president of Tehran University after the Revolution, and I are sitting on the floor; on behalf of all the humanists, altruists, lovers of freedom, well wishers, God-believing and good natured Iranians we are apologizing to a small group of three generations of Baha’is who have been deprived of higher education.

Among this group there is a dear soul who a few years ago earned the number one rank in the National University entrance exam. However, what was the use, as no official or Ayatollah cared about his excellence in education and no one asked him about his situation or ever tried to open the door for him. Shadan Shirazi is also in this photo, the tiny Baha’i girl who achieved rank 113 in this year’s entrance exam but who is facing closed doors because of her beliefs. And I say: Dear sirs, it would be nice if we could wear our turbans a bit higher! A little fresh air may cause our brains to be refreshed and to learn new things!


Mohammad Nourizad

September 14, 2014






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