Baha’i Painter and Art Scholar Arrested

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

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Based on reports from “No to the harassment and imprisonment of Baha’i citizens”, Baha’i artist and painter Shahriar Cyrus (1) was arrested on the afternoon of June 30th, when eleven agents of the Ministry of Information raided his home. The agents transferred him to an unknown location after presenting a warrant and confiscating all Mr. Cyrus’ personal belongings. At this time, there is no information available about his condition and whereabouts.

Shahriar Cyrus started working as a professional painter in 1991. He studied with master artists such as Aidin Aghdashloo (2), Ruyin Pakbaz (3) and Ahmad Vakili (4). He has also done research on the philosophy and history of art while becoming an expert in painting techniques. The outcome of his research has been several articles: “Acquired art and global culture” and “Art at the threshold of the third millennium” which were published in the magazine “Art of Iran”, as well as numerous online articles.

In addition to several individual and group shows and participation in the third biennial of Iranian painters, for more than 10 years he has been teaching in the fields of design, painting, art history, composition, foundations of visual arts and foundations of art philosophy. His latest painting experience has been using acrylic on thatch, with which he has created images of desert villages in Iran.


1.  Shahriar Cyrus’ website can be found here:

2.  For Aidin Aghdashloo’s official website, see

3.  A discussion of the art of Ruyin Pakbaz can be found at

4.  Some of Ahmad Vakili’s work can be seen at


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