Two Years Added to Baha’i Citizen’s Sentence

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

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According to reports from the “No Mistreatment And Imprisonment Of Fellow Baha’is Residents” Campaign,  Fariborz Baghi, Baha’i citizen of Yazd, who was transferred to the prison on Saturday 7  March 2015, has been sentenced to an additional two years in prison.

This Baha’i citizen, upon being transferred directly from prison to the court, was sentenced to another two years of imprisonment under a charge of disturbing public opinion.

Previously, Fariborz Baghi and twenty other Baha’i citizens were all sentenced to 1 to 4 year mandatory prison terms, with an additional year of imprisonment with the possibility of parole, under charges of propaganda against the regime and acting against national security.  This sentence was decided in a group court format in September 2013.


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