Latest Update on the Status of the Seven Friends Awaiting Trial

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On Tuesday, 17 February 2009, ISNA news agency reported that Dr. Ali-Reza Jamshidi, the spokesperson for Iran’s judiciary, met with reporters in Tehran.

In this session, in response to a question by a report, Jamshidi stated, “As I have said before on a number of occasions, we will prosecute Baha’is who commit crimes; these seven individuals are charged with espionage and for this reason they will be tried.  The charges against these defendants have been completed and next week a indictment against them will be issued.”

According to ISNA, at this point a reporter asked the spokesperson for the judiciary, “Are these individuals barred from access to legal representation?” In response, Dr. Jamshidi stated, “The law does not preclude anyone from access to legal advice.  However, they may have a lawyer when their file goes to court.”

Jamshidi added, “I have said many times, whatever activities these individuals carry out against the nation, the regime and Islam is certainly a crime and must be prevented.  However, there is no objection to them living and residing in this country, as they have for many years.”

In response to a question as to whether the former secretary of Shirin Ebadi is among these seven, Jamshidi stated, “She is not among them.” [This comment was in reference to Zhious Sobhani – see,].

[Source:  Translation by Iran Press Watch.]


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