Prison Poem: “Beyond Imagination”

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By Saeid Rezaie

Translation by Nasser

Beyond imagination

I stay in this cage

For you to fly

And be the resonating echo of my voice

In a universe where no sound is ever heard


And this captivity I shall embrace

Knowing that from the rattles of my chains

you will compose a song

with love, as its syllables

Freedom, its melody

A ballad of peace for all

Anywhere, any color


And I can see the sketch that you shall paint

Not of fists, but hand holding hand

And an stairway of hope

As high as imagination itself!

A pathway passing through all constellations,

And reaching the far end of existence


I am in this cocoon, made of bars

But you can spread your wings

To fly over every orchard

And taste every color and scent

All different

Yet, all bearing the same color of unity

Embrace this diversity

And step into this path of unity

Seek the mystery of the garden

In the heart of the dust

And in the sun, the wind, the water and the moon,

In the gardener’s toil.

And then you will see a firefly

At the garden’s edge.

Engulfed in darkness,

It fights the night,

Shines its own light

And makes its own destiny.


Then, shine your own light!

It is in your voice, in your song.

In your wings which you open to soar,

In your extended generous hands that reach out,

In your beautiful mind that you share will all.

The light is in you, who remain steadfast on your path!


You know, don’t you?

That even from behind these walls

With my hands and feet in chains

I still hear your song

And see your extended arms.

And I grasp your thoughts and dreams:

That all cocoons, fences, and bars

shall shatter on that day of reunion,

When we shall embrace every happiness

And once again cherish the taste of freedom!

Date: June, 2014

Rajayi Shahr Prison


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