Shahram Chinian, Baha’i Citizen, Freed from Prison at the End of His Sentence

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Translation by Iran Press Watch


Report from the “No to the Harassment and Imprisonment of Baha’i Citizens” campaign: Shahram Chinian, a Baha’i citizen, after completing his five year imprisonment sentence, has been freed from prison. This Baha’i citizen, while in Rajai Shahr prison, was assaulted and beaten because he refused to wear prison garb during his legal proceedings on numerous occasions.

Some time ago Shahram Chinian was transferred to Section One of Hall Number Two of the prison, where dangerous criminals are incarcerated.

Shahram was arrested in February 2009 and on 3rd March 2010 was granted bail by using his business permit as surety.

During those days he was imprisoned in Evin prison.

Mr Chinian was sentenced to eight years imprisonment by the 28th Branch of the Revolutionary Court. While he was appealing his sentence, on 15 January 2012, he was summoned and imprisoned in Evin.


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