Vandalism of a Boutique Owned by a Baha’i in Aqqala

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

Sometime after midnight on 21 January 2016, a bridal boutique owned by Neda Abdian, a Baha’i citizen, in the town of Aqqala, 15 kilometers from Gurgan, was vandalized by unknown individuals, who raided the shop and broke its windows.

According to the Campaign to Stop Harassment and Imprisonment of Baha’i Citizens, reported on the Iran Human Rights website, a reliable source on this matter stated: “The office of Public Places has closed and sealed this boutique many times, because it is owned by a Baha’i.”

Prior to opening the bridal boutique, the same owner ran a beauty salon, which, due to pressure by the authorities asserting that Baha’is are ritually unclean*, she was forced to close it, and change to this business.

The Islamic Republic of Iran does not recognize the Baha’i Faith as an official religion, and violates the rights of its adherents.

Baha’is in Iran face widespread persecution, including a ban from higher education, as well as a prohibition from employment in many areas and positions.


* See In Sunni Islam, this term refers to ritually unclean materials and animals, but in Shi’ite Islam, the designation has been broadened to include Baha’is.


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