A Letter from the Heart, by Ava Sana’i, a Baha’i in the City of Gorgan


Source: bahaicamp.com

Translation by Iran Press Watch

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As reported by the “No to Oppression and Imprisonment of Our Fellow Iranian Baha’is” Campaign, twenty four Baha’i residents were sentenced to over a combined 193 years of imprisonment, by a court in the city of Gorgan.

These sentences are amongst the heaviest that have been handed out to Baha’is in the past several years.

Ava Sana’i is the daughter of one of these dear souls, who has written a heartfelt letter about her mother.

“After hearing about my mother’s nine-year sentence, I felt as if I were no longer even in this world ‒ I could not hear anything, and nothing seemed to mean anything anymore.

It was a strange feeling ‒ I felt unable to talk!

What would I say?

What reaction should I have?

Should I be happy for her perseverance and steadfastness? Or be sorry for the ignorant people who are obliviously ruling their dark kingdoms?

I tried to keep my tears from flowing. I kept telling myself: “Ava, you are stronger than this! You endured being away from your father due to injustice; now this will be OK!  I cannot describe how I felt at that moment…

The feeling of losing someone who has been a nurturing mother and a kind father to me for past three years, for an extended period of time

It is so hard to endure such pressure…!!

My dear ones, I congratulate you for your unmatched steadfastness

We all await the day when the oppressor and the oppressed work hard together toward the betterment of the world.

I hope those who think they can make this world into a beautiful world through oppression and tyranny will wake from their ignorant slumber.

And I too will again await a day when I can have my family all together again.


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  1. Ziaollah Hashemi, MD

    February 8, 2016 3:39 am

    The most powerful force governing the smallest particle in an atom to galaxies and their planets in their orbits is law of attraction, or love! To defeat the oppression, hate, & injustice we must respond with patience, understanding and love! I am amazed of the strength of the innocent Iranian Baha’i’s in the face of over 150 years of persecution there! The great news is that, sooner or later, the silent majority will stop the hands of oppression!

  2. vafa-canada

    February 18, 2016 10:23 pm

    Ava Sana’i and her family are living martyrs. We have the greatest respect for you, and pray to God to bring justice to this world.


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