A Cry from the Heart …

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Source: www.noghtenazar.org

Translation by Iran Press Watch

There are some court judges who, based on mere hatred and prejudice against Baha’is, have signed the final verdict of twenty Baha’is without a glance at their files ‒ not even knowing what the allegations are. They sign the final judgements just because their victims are Baha’is; yet they still believe that Baha’is deserve more!!!!

Now, try to understand me here. Yesterday a cemetery which belongs to Baha’is, in which the bodies of my relatives are buried, was razed to dust using backhoes and trucks, to ensure that there would not remain any sign of your tyranny and atrocities on earth after thirty years. Still you are claiming that we are free and have no restrictions. We are not free even after death!!!!

I am calling you! From the high throne of power look down and see me! I am an ordinary Baha’i residing in Iran, and this is my 35th year of life so far under the banner of the Republic of Iran’s justice system.

I am fifty years old now and still standing tall. My spouse, my children and millions of Baha’is all over the world are standing with and behind me. Still the steadfastness, patience and bravery of my family and the tens of individuals who have lost their lives are the sources of inspiration in my life.

The gentle voices of my mother and father above all else echo: “Leave everything in the powerful hand of the True One, who has pledged that He would not forget any man’s injustice.” Show love in response to any harm, and permit hatred to take away its existence from this sacred land for ever.

What they whispered was not futile. Today I witness the fruition of their assertions. Numerous fellow countrymen do not consider me “unclean” any more; are not afraid to enter my house. It should not be hidden that in the depth of their hearts they even show reverence and respect as well. They praise my steadfastness and forbearance under these heaps of tribulations. They consider my abode to be a tranquil tabernacle for themselves too. They don’t even say any more that maybe Baha’is have done something wrong!!!! They know that I am innocent, and they even acknowledge now that my mother, father and sister were innocent as well.

If the Deputy Prosecutor of Yazd does not recognise me as an Iranian citizen, why fear? ‒ as all my countrymen have accepted me as their fellow-citizen, and vie for my love and integrity! They support me, share my pain, and try their best to untangle any entanglements of mine ‒ they even express regret, and feel ashamed of what has befallen me.

They want an answer from you as well.

Enough of the claims such as Baha’is are not in prison because they are Baha’is! or that Baha’is have the same privileges as others before the law, or that in Iran we have Baha’i professors at our universities, or saying so many worthless words like this! These words do not satisfy people any more.

Stop this chronic hatred! We are your countrymen, your fellow citizens, your neighbours, your family members. We inculcate love and worship compassion. We share the same right to life which the Almighty bestowed upon everyone. Justice and equality are the birthright of every human being ‒ including Baha’is.



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  1. Kim

    April 11, 2016 12:10 pm

    Well said! I keep thinking this really cannot go on much longer. It is nearly 40 years. Not even Abraham had to wander more than 40 years, neither did the Blessed Beauty. Surely by the bicentennial of the Twin Holy Birthdays this oppression will be overturned. Please God hasten the day!


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