Sentencing of Attorney Amir Salar Davoodi to 30 Years in Prison and 111 Lashes.

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court condemned Amir-Salar Davoodi, an attorney and human rights activist, to 30 years in prison; 15 years of this sentence is mandatory. Davoodi, who has been sentenced to lashing, fines and the denial of his social rights, does not intend to protest the verdict.

First, Davoodi’s spouse, Tannaz Kolahchian announced in a Twitter message that he had been sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment:

 Tannaz Kolahchian @tannaz_ayrin Follow @tannaz_ayrin

The verdict for #Amir Salar_Davoodi has been issued.

According to the judgment of Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court, he was sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment on various charges. According to Article 134, he was given the maximum sentence of “15 years of mandatory imprisonment for forming a group (a Telegram channel)”.

Mr. Davoodi has decided not to protest this verdict.

7:18 AM – Jun 1, 2019

Kolahchian’s mention of the Telegram channel is “without retouching”, according to which, as reported by the Iranian Human Rights Network, Davoodi was charged with attempting to “overthrow the regime.”

After that, Vahid Meshgani Farahani, Davoodi’s lawyer, told the Modara website, that “based on the charges against him, he was also sentenced to 111 lashes, fines of 60 million rials (about $1800) in cash, and the deprivation of all his social rights for 2 years.”

Last year, on 29 November, Amir-Salar Davoodi was detained by the Judiciary Counter Intelligence Forces.

According to the Human Rights Organization of Iran, Amir Salar Davoodi was confronted with seven charges in two cases: “Gathering and collusion, false propaganda, insulting officials, insulting the leadership, and propaganda against the regime” by the First Interrogation Branch of Evin Prison and “Forming a group for regime change and cooperation with the hostile government of the United States” by the Second Interrogation Branch of Evin Prison.

Davoodi has represented political prisoners and Baha’is as a lawyer.


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  1. Jasmina

    July 7, 2019 3:36 am

    Believers in Islam should honor others who believe in God. The prophet cries tears to see the hatred and evil men are doing to each other in the name of religion.


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