Iranian News Agency Publishes List of Baha’i Businesses in Zahedan to Incite Violence and Intimidation Against Them

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There have been many strategies by clerics in Iran over the years to oppress the embattled Baha’i community of Iran, starting from the beginning of the Baha’i Faith in 1844, through the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979, and continuing to the present, regardless of whether the rulers were “reformists” or “hardliners”. One approach has been to publish lists of Baha’is or Baha’i businesses, reminding governmental offices and citizens of various anti-Baha’i rulings by the clerical establishment, and inciting them to commit acts of violence or intimidation against their fellow citizens. The following article is a translation of such an effort, initiated by an unknown “news agency” called Oweis, and then re-published by an established government news agency. It is offered as an example of the sort of intimidation which is the daily lot of Baha’i citizens and business-owners in the Islamic Republic.



Translation by Iran Press Watch


List of active Baha’i businesses in Zahedan and religious rulings from leading Shi’ite and Sunni scholars regarding dealing with the Baha’ism

Shaheed Khabar (Shaheed News): While the hearts of many believers are uneasy because of the visit of one of the Tehran Aghazadehs (a leader who abuses the power of his or her father) with a leader of the Baha’i community, the news agency, Oweis, by re-publishing a list of current businesspeople in the city of Zahedan, hopes to have the authorities take action. They published a news article: “The economic activities of Baha’is in Zahedan using Salamat Insurance (Iranian universal public health insurance)”, and made a phone call to the director of Salamat Insurance about his claim that he didn’t know that many owners of businesses in sured by the company were Baha’is. Oweis’s reporter has performed a wider inquiry, publishing the names of Baha’i shops and businesses, which are listed to raise the awareness of the responsible authorities and respected citizens. The announcement of these Baha’i shops is necessary, inasmuch as according to the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s answer to a question:”All believers should counter the corruption and deceit of the misguided Baha’is and prevent others from deviation and joining them. ” In response to another question he said: “Baha’is are religiously unclean, and are enemies of your religion and belief. So, my dear children: seriously avoid them. ”

The necessity of opposing the heretic Baha’i sect is not confined to Shi’ites, but also is in conformity with Sunni scholars, according to whom the association of Muslims and Baha’is is forbidden. The following are excerpts from the religious edicts of Shi’ite and Sunni clerics, some academics and the religious scientific centers in Sistan and Baluchistan.

The Office of the Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei:

-Avoid any socializing or trade with this deviant and heretic sect.

-According to religious orders supplied by Shi’ite Grand Ayatollahs, scholars, and Sunni scholars, haven’t they issued an ultimatum to all Muslims – both Sunnis and Shiites, authoritative or not?

-Can we still be dismissive in purchasing from and ratifying contracts with members of this sect? And wouldn’t someone who is oblivious to these rulings and religious orders, and continues to trade and to socialize with the members of this Zionist sect, subject to divine punishment?

At the end of the article is a brief reference to the words of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomeini,who said:

“I, as a religious duty, warn the Iranian nation and the Muslim world: the Holy Quran and Islam are in danger. The independence of the country and its economy could be usurped by the Zionists, who appear as the Iranian Baha’i party. And if the deadly silence of Muslims continues, their agents will seize all the country’s economy, and take over the Muslim nation in all facets of life… the Muslim Nation must not remain silent until all these dangers are removed. If one remains silent, he will be responsible before Omnipotent God, and he is doomed to decline in the world.”

Sahifayeh Noor (Light Scriptures), Volume 1, page 110

Baha’i economically active list in Zahedan

The following list of names of Baha’i activists was released in August 2015.

The Oweis editorial board hopes to publish the list of active Baha’i businesses in other cities, such as Birjand.

Aynak Neek

Ghasr Aynak

Aynak Deed Azin

Aynak Zeiss

Aynak Tiam

Aynak Chehreh

Aynak Markazi

Kanoon Aynak

Aynak Momtaz


Ertebat Rayaneh

Khaneh Doorbeen

Akkasi Rokhdees

Akkasi Donyayeh Tasveer

Khadamat Fanniyeh Anwari

Electrikyeh Kosar Elktrupayk

Asansor Shaheen Sazeh Sefahan

Aynak Negah

Atteliyeh Akse Top Art

Foroshgah Nilufar Abee

Seempichi Rahimi

Seempichi Shahram

Seempichi Farshid

Electrotecknic Danesh

Ta’mirat telefon Kourosh

Khadamat Fanniyeh Eslami (technical equipment)

Kharraziyeh Zanbagh

Kharraziyeh Danesh

Kharraziyeh Eslami

Pezeshk Zanan va Zayeman

Pakhshe Roghan va filter

Ta’meer Aynak Romina

Sherkat Mohandesi Beenesh

Elektrickiyeh Borhan

Khadamate Aynak

Sherkate Eimen Ra’d

Mozaeik Sazi

Lavazem Docharkheh

Khayatiyeh Lame’

Estudio va Atelyeh Aksbardariyeh Shadi



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