Sealing a Baha’i Business in Karaj

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

August 16, 2016

The website of Gold News, quoting Bisharat News, reported that on August 16, 2016 an optometry business belonging to a Baha’i in Karaj ‒ a city near Tehran ‒ was sealed by agents of the Office of Public Places.

Mr. Mansoor Enayati’s business was sealed because he had not opened his shop during a Baha’i religious holiday.

There were eight employees running that business who, under the circumstances, have lost their jobs indefinitely.

Previously, the business license for this Baha’i had not been renewed due to notices given to close the shop during Baha’i holidays.

Another nearby shop of Mr. Enayati had been supposed to be shut down and sealed as well, but fortunately this did not happen.



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