Sealing of Four Businesses of Bahá’í Citizens and Warning of More, in Khuzestan and Alborz

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

Date: 27 September, 2016

In the past few days, four business premises of Baha’i citizens have been sealed, and warnings have been issued to a number of other premises in Karaj and the Province of Khuzestan.

Based on a report from the Human Rights in Iran website, the stores of four Baha’i citizens, named Ebadi and Afshar in Miankooh and Omidieh in Khuzestan Province, and Fardad Jafari and Houman Shahidi in Reza Bazaar, have been sealed. In addition, a number of other businesses in the provinces of Khuzestan and Alborz have received warnings that their stores may be sealed.

In recent years, the Office of Public Places (a government organization) has repeatedly sealed the business premises of Baha’i citizens in different cities in the country.



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