Parsa Enayati, a Baha’i from Miandoab, Admitted to Roshdieh Institute but Disenrolled After Two Weeks and Deprived of Education

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Translation by Iran Press Watch


Based on a report by the No to Harassment of Baha’i Citizens campaign, Parsa Enayati, a Baha’i citizen from Miandoab was deprived of education. He completed all stages of registration in electrical engineering at Roshdieh Institute of higher education, but was dismissed and denied an education after two weeks of study.

Based on a confidential 1991 resolution of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, Baha’is are deprived of higher education in addition to being deprived of employment at government entities. Even though this policy has been repeatedly contested by human rights organizations and the international community, the Iranian Regime has not only not shown any sign of changing this policy, but also has shut down the only online educational institution for deprived young Baha’is, which had been founded through the efforts of the members of this religious minority, and sentenced the founders and instructors of this institution to long prison terms.



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