Forced Closure of Baha’i-Owned Optical Shops, Despite Orders by the Ministry of Health

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

Per HRANA (Human Rights Activist News Agency) in recent years there have been several reports published about Baha’i-owned optical shops being closed and sealed by the Iranian government, supposedly for lack of proper permits. Many of the closed business have been in operation for decades and in fact were properly permitted. As Baha’is have been deprived of higher education at the universities and faced many other imposed obstacles, most Baha’i opticians had obtained their permits prior to 2004, and have been making, repairing, and selling glasses for many years.

In 2013, per the documents issued by the Deputy Director of Department of Health and Medical Services Seyed Hassan Emami Razav, those who received the necessary permits from governmental organizations such as the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Commerce, the Technical, Vocational, Education and Training Department, prior to the year 2004, can continue their professional activities retroactively.

In the document issued by the Deputy Director of Department of Health and Medical Services in 2013, it is stated that the healthcare networks should refrain from closing and sealing the optical shops that have earned licenses from the government agencies before the year 2004. See the mentioned document below:

Ministry of Hygiene, Health and Medical Education

Deputy of Treatment

In the Name of God

No.:                             D400 /5054

Date:                          24/04/1392  July 15, 2013

Attachments:       None

Subject:                    The Activities of Experiential Optometrists

With prayers to Muhammad and the Clan of Muhammad and with respect. Due to several requests and numerous complaints received, and the Distinguished Parliament of the Islamic Council’s reminder and follow up, especially the honorable Representative from Tabriz regarding the activities of the experiential optometrists who, before 2004[i] have received Operations Permits from the governmental organizations and offices[ii]. Due to this subject being under Legal Affairs review, these people can continue their operations in making and selling of glasses limited to the licenses they have received up to the date of announcing the criterion for organizing this issue. This group under any circumstances have no rights in performing eye exams and prescribing glasses.

Signed: Dr. Seyyed Hasan Emami Razavi


[i]  date of voting of the Administrative Justice Court

[ii] such as Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, Professional technical organization and Ministry of Education at that time


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