Arrest of Two Baha’is in Kashan

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

Recently two Baha’i residents of Kashan were detained by security forces and taken to the detention center of the Ministry of Intelligence.

According to the report from the website Human Rights in Iran, on July 17, 2017, Ministry of Intelligence security forces arrested Fereydoun Fallah and his wife, Neda Payandeh, by going to his business, and transferred them to the Ministry of Intelligence detention center.

The security agents, after the search of their business, went to their homes with them, searched their homes and seized their personal belongings, including books, photographs, framed rugs, and mobile phones. Then they took them back to their workplace to have these two Baha’is open the safe, so they could confiscate all the documents and records in their possession. This process lasted about six hours.

At the first contact after their arrest, these two Baha’is reported to their families that they did not know their own whereabouts, but according to a source, it is likely that these two Baha’is are at the Ministry of Intelligence detention center.

Earlier, on July 3, 2017, Amrullah Manouchehri and Ziaullah Elahiyan, Baha’i residents of Kashan, were arrested by Ministry of Intelligence security forces, but two weeks after their detention, the names of these two Baha’is have not been recorded in the Isfahan Prison system, nor have their charges been mentioned. These two Baha’is are detained at the Ministry of Intelligence detention center in Isfahan.


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