Persecution of Baha'is in Semnan Intensified

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The following report was posted on Thursday, March 12, 2009, on Khabar Navard site:

Following the intensification of persecution and harassment of the Baha’is of Semnan in December 2008 which has reached an unprecedented level, large advertisements were posted across the city inviting people to a public seminar, titled “Ways to Combat the Wayward Sects of Baha’ism and Wahhabism.”  This seminar was given by Nasiri-Fard and took place on Tuesday, March 10, in ‘Abedinih Mosque.

It should be noted that after a similar seminar about two months ago, waves of harassment were visited upon the Baha’is of Semnan, including the destruction of the Baha’i cemetery of that town, arson against its funeral facilities, 5 incidents of throwing Molotov Cocktails at Baha’i homes and shops, and repeated threats against the lives of various members of the Baha’i community by unknown individuals.

It is interesting that after 2 months and all these incidents, which the authorities in both the Intelligence and Security Ministries attributed to “reactionary elements” or “popular sentiments”, no one has been charged with any of these crimes.  This point becomes even more peculiar when we note that according to both national and local media, Semnan is a model town for its low crime rate.

It appears that after the seminar of two days ago, we must await more Molotov cocktails!

[Source:  Translation by Iran Press Watch.]


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  1. Barmak Kusha

    March 13, 2009 2:14 pm

    What are you upset about? This is just another example of the Islamic humanity, kindness, love and respect and “facilities” that are available to Baha’is. Can’t you see that? (sarcastic)


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