Graffiti on Baha’i Homes in Semnan

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Semnan continues to be a hotbed of anti-Baha’i hostility.  The following report was filed by Iran Press News on Sunday, March 15, 2009, and is presented below in translation by Iran Press Watch:

On early hours of Sunday morning, March 15, either an unknown individual or a group of individuals sprayed hate-statements on exterior walls of many Baha’i homes in Semnan.

These sprayed graffiti included such expressions as, “Death to Baha’is”, “Get lost Baha’is”, “Baha’i = Israel and infidel” and other hateful statements.

Homes that were defaced in this manner belonged to such Baha’i citizens as, Ali Ehsani, Nushazar Khanjani, Hajir Hedayati, Ezatu’llah Vujdani, Behrouz Firouzian, Nejatu’llah Khanjani, Behfar Khanjani, Behnaz Khanjani, Siavash Jabbari, and Shahnaz Pirasteh.

On seeing these evil deeds, the people of Semnan immediately informed the security forces.  However no investigation or follow up has occurred as of now by the authorities.

It should be noted that Semnan is among the towns in Iran that in recent months has witnessed many incidents of aggression and violence towards its Baha’i residents, including firebombing Baha’i homes with homemade explosives.

[Source: Translation by Iran Press Watch. Pictures from HRA Iran.]


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