Two More Baha’is Arrested

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[On Friday, 21 November 2008, Iranian Political Prisoners Association posted the following story:]

According to Shole Allah Verdi Gorji, her parents, Sonya Tabibian and Tarazallah, both Baha’is, are being held in Sari’s Intelligence Ministry.

“When we approached my parent’s house we realized it was in a mess for some reason. Some o the books and documents had also been taken. There had been no contact with us neither to say that they had been taken away”, says Shole in an interview with Radio Farda.

According to Mrs. Shole, judicial officials have agreed to release her parents with bail, but local officials of Sari, refrain from releasing them, under the pretext of “unfinished investigation”.

In a visit to her parents Shole says her parents seem to be under heavy stress. Although the family has not received any official charges, but apparently during their interrogations and verbal exchange with the prosecution officer, they are supposedly “offending the sacred and also promoting this” in the region, and should not continue doing so.

Mrs. Shole says that it has been difficult to get an attorney for her parent’s defense, obviously because most fear consequences of taking cases related to the Baha’i faith. “If they accept, it would bear consequences for them as well” says Shole.

She said they have been looking for help from Lawyers without boarders, but that even is not clear to give fruit.


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