Baha’is in Sorkhroud Mazandaran Barred from Buying or Selling Land

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Translation by Iran Press Watch


Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Mousavinejad

It may be hard to imagine such an act of apartheid: In an official letter to all real estate agents, the mayor of a city issued an order as follows: “At the command of the Governorate, Baha’is do not have the right to buy or sell land.” He ended this order by calling the Baha’i Faith a “deviant sect”.

Remember the name of this mayor: Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Mousavinejad

Below is the text of the letter:

“Respectfully, based on letter 37 of the honorable Sorkhroud district, dated 05/03/2018, and in line with the framework put forth in letter 216, dated 03/09/2018, by the respectable Governorate of Mahmoudabad City, a prohibition regarding any sale or purchase of land to or from the deviant sect of Baha’i is submitted. Please take all necessary action in this regard. Seyyed Mohammad Mehdi Mousavinejad, Mayor”


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