Crimes Against Humanity

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myphotoThe U.S.-based Iran Human Rights Documentation Center has published a November 2008 report on the Islamic Republic’s attacks on the Baha’i Community. It amplifies the injustices brought upon the Baha’is by Iran’s fanatical clergy and government and declares such human rights abuses ‘crimes against humanity’.

“These attacks constitute crimes against humanity because they are directed against a civilian population, are widespread and systematic in their nature and implementation, and involve acts (i.e. murder, torture, imprisonment and persecution) contrary to the principles of common humanity under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, customary law and international criminal law.”

It includes documentation on the legal framework of crimes against humanity and the widespread and systematic attack against a civilian population, enumerates acts of murder, torture, imprisonment and persecution and concludes with a statement of accountability and responsibility on part of the Iranian state.

You may download the full report directly from the IHRDC website (PDF)


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