After 3 Years, Businesses of 7 Baha’is in Noshahr Remain Sealed

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

Barring the Baha’is from Economic Activities

HRANA News Agency – The businesses of seven Baha’i citizens in Noshahr remain sealed after more than three years. On November 1 and 2 of 2016, police in the area of Noshahr city sealed off the businesses at the behest of the Prosecutor General of Mazandaran. The business owners filed a lawsuit to re-open their businesses, but to-date the lawsuit has so far failed to bear any results.

The owners of the six business units are as follows: Arastoo Asadi (Argon Welding Shop),   Shamsollah Rouhani and Behshad Derakhshanian (“Omid” Security Alarm Sales Store), Arash Derakhshanian (“Arash” Automotive Engine Tuning), Rocky Yousefi (“Optical House” Optical Store), Monib (Nasser) Mansour (“Central Noshahr” Optical Store), and Riyaz Heravi (“Bashir” Watch Store).

These businesses were sealed, and the owners barred from doing business in retaliation for the closure of their stores temporarily for observance of a Baha’i religious Holy Day.  On the basis of their religious beliefs, Bahá’ís suspend work and close their businesses for their Holy Day observances.  Despite By-Law B of Article 28 of the Trade Union Law, which states that business owners may close their businesses for up to a maximum of 15 days without informing the Trade Union, law enforcement and security agencies continue to seal Baha’i-Owned business when the owners close for Baha’i Holy Days.


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