Baha’is under Attack in Yazd and Semnan

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On Thursday, April 9, 2009, Khabar Navard reported that during the nationwide Naw-Ruz festivities, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence raided the home of Mr. Bahnam Rouhani, one of the Baha’is of Yazd, on March 30, 2009.  Agents thoroughly searched the residence and confiscated a number of items, including personal computer and various CDs.  No further update on this story is available at this time.

In addition, on April 9, Khabar Navard reported that following recent harassments, attacks and arrest of the Baha’is in Semnan, the Ministry of Intelligence in this town summoned Mr. Ali Ehsani, a resident Baha’i, to their office on April 6, 2009, to answer various questions.  The report continues:

After interrogations, a bail of 40 million tumans [about $41,000] was demanded, but since it was at the end of the business day, the bail was not processed.

The following day, his family took the required bail to the court, but without any explanation, the bail was refused.  From that date, Mr. Ehsani continues to remain incarcerated in the facilities of the Intelligence Ministry.  He remains incommunicado.

Mr. Ehsani is 29 years old and is married with two children, 5 and 7 years old.

In addition to the above-named Baha’i, five other Baha’is are imprisoned in Semnan because of their religion:  Sahba Rezvani, Pouya Tabyanian, Adel Fanaian, Taher Eskandarian and Abbas Nourani.

[Source for Yazd story:  For Semnan: Translation by Iran Press Watch.]


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