Media Attack Against the Baha'i Faith

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In the English-reading world, we often don’t hear very much about the unabated media attack in Iran against the Baha’i community.  And when we hear something, often it is not the full story or doesn’t give us enough social and historical context, so we end up without much appreciation for what’s occurring and the intensity of the anti-Baha’i propaganda unleashed through the official channels.

Just to give the esteemed readers an idea of the volume of anti-Baha’i publications, attached list shows the “news” items appearing in Kayhan newspaper against the Baha’i Faith in the last 70 days.  Scroll down and get a sense of the number of items appearing in only 70 days in just one newspaper.  Then extrapolate that to several other online sites and news organs equally dedicated to publishing anti-Baha’i materials and extrapolate it further to the last 3 years and one will get a better picture of what is going on and the magnitude of anti-Baha’i propaganda.

These articles in Kayhan — which is a only a small sample of what’s been published in the last 3 years — cover every imaginable half-truth, lie, slander, fabrication, allegation of immorality, made up “expose” of conspiracies with imperialism, manufactured “memoir” of former Baha’is who now “have seen the light and returned to the fold of Islam”, and many such items.  It is absolutely mind boggling.  There has never been any such concentrated and resolute anti-Baha’i campaign outside of Iran — and for that matter, one could dare say, never before has history witnessed such a sustained campaign within Iran over such a long period of time.

For those not familiar with Kayhan, it is one of the official newspapers of the Islamic Republic, so it has a substantial following and influences public opinion.

Kayhan Anti-Baha’i News Series
20 July through 30 September 2008


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  1. Glenn Franco Simmons

    October 3, 2008 10:40 pm

    Unbelievably sad, but not unexpected. Thank you for making this available.

    As a professional journalist who has upheld the ethical standards of my profession, I realize that much of the world remains in an uncivilized state, where state-run or state-influenced “media” engage in propaganda reminiscent of the Nazi era.

    Just incredibly sad.


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