Update on Two Baha’i Prisoners in Shiraz

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Iran Press Watch has learned through its contacts in Iran that earlier today (Thursday, April 23, 2009), the authorities set bail of about $100,000 per prisoner for Haleh Houshmandi and Afshin Ahsanian. 

Afshin AhsanianHaleh Houshmandi

Since this is a considerable sum for families, they are in process of raising the required bail.  One of the families has offered a condo they own for this purpose, and is in process of getting the necessary estimate from a real-estate agent, who tends to charge exorbitantly for such services. 

 The process of completing the required paperwork and other bureaucratic steps is very extensive in Iran; moreover, offices are only open for a half day on Thursdays (today).  In most instances, the bail and release process takes one or two complete days.  It is reported that neither family was able to complete this process by the close of business today.

Since tomorrow is Friday and everything is closed, it is hoped that Haleh Houshmandi and Afshin Ahsanian will be released on Saturday.



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  1. sb

    April 24, 2009 12:10 pm

    This is great news and yet . . .

    Doesn’t this exaction for release of the prisoners who are being held for the sole fact of their religious belief amount to extortion? How is this an example of Islamic justice?

    As Baha’is the world over await news of their imprisoned Iranian brothers and sisters, no cost could appear too great . . . a few pieces of silver are naught in the appeasement of the forces who would harm the Cause of God and yet are so clumsy in thier undertanding of justice that they must arrest an ailing, young mother . . .

    In preparation to record the accounts of my dear modest Iranian Baha’i friends, I am reading “Olya’s Story” by Olya Roohizadeghan, a Shirazi Baha’i who was imprisoned during the tumultuou” years of 1981 and 1982, when so many Iranian Baha’is were tortured and executed for their beliefs.

    To make an understatment, this is not light reading. The book is however an exceedingly meaning record of what Iranian Baha’is in prison (and without) have had to endure. As a Western believer, it is a deeply edifying read . I recommend the book to all who seek to understand the tragic mindset of the jailers.


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