A Letter from Haleh Houshmandi


Editor’s Note:  During the last two months, Iran Press Watch has reported extensively on the ordeals faced by Mrs. Haleh Houshmandi, but was very happy to celebrate her release two days ago.  Iran Press Watch has just received a moving letter from Mrs. Houshmandi, which we share below in translation.

hale-rohi11By Haleh Houshmandi


Today [Monday, April 27, 2009] is the second day since my release from the prison of the Ministry of Intelligence on a bail of 100 million tumans [equivalent to about $100,000].  Forty days of imprisonment!

It all started two days before Naw-Ruz [March 21]: prior to that, in the absence of my husband and I, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence had come to our house and had forced my mother to open the door.  They raided our home and confiscated our computer as well as all our religious books, and they even took children’s CDs belonging to my eight-year old child.  It was a most stressful situation.

However, when earlier today I was reading various internet sites, the thought occurred to me that perhaps because of my inability to meet with my family for four weeks and only being allowed to speak with them by phone, some of the details have not fully reached interested parties.

My heart ailment is from the past, and I was been under a physician’s care.  In the stressful environment of constant interrogation and solitary confinement, my conditioned worsened.  However, after the second week, when I was examined by the prison facility’s doctor, I was given the required medications.

Because of my neck and backaches, I was in considerable pain. Moreover, in the small confinement of the prison cell, I was unable to move, and this added considerably to the hardship.

From the fourth week, my dear friend Haleh Rouhi, who has been incarcerated for some 18 months, was allowed to visit my cell. Because of her attention and care, I was made more comfortable.

In the fifth week, they took me to a hospital specializing in heart problems, and they performed an echocardiogram of my heart to diagnose the cause of my worsening condition, which was determined to be due to stress and emotions associated with my imprisonment.

The next day, dear Haleh Rouhi and Raha Sabet were given their family leave, and I spent another week with only myself and my pains in their cell, which had a television and books.

I am now in the love-filled bosom of my family and under a physician’s care.

I pray for the release of all our dear friends, Mr. Vahdat Danna, Mr. Farham Masumi and Mr. Kayvan Karami, who continue to languish in prison in Shiraz, and all other Baha’i prisoners throughout Iran.  I offer my most heartfelt gratitude to all the friends, near or far, throughout the world, who have given solace and comfort to me and my family through their ardent prayers.

Haleh Houshmandi, Shiraz.


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  1. sb

    April 28, 2009 3:54 pm

    Dear Ms. Houshmandi,

    We may be far from you in distance but we are near to you in heart.
    I am so glad that you are well and able to be with your family. We are praying for you, your family and all the Friends of Shiraz. Thank you for all that you have done to honor this beloved Faith.

  2. Elaina

    April 28, 2009 6:34 pm

    Allah’u’Abha Mrs. Houshamandi!
    What wonderful news to hear that you are with your family again. My prayers contiune for you and your family. As well as the other imprisoned friends in Iran. May you continue to heal Haleh. You have taught others about faith and endurance through hard times.

  3. M.R.

    April 28, 2009 11:15 pm

    Our dear Baha’i friends and relatives,

    Your strength amazes us all. Seeing Haleh’ s steadfastness under added pressure of physical ailment, seeing Haleh Ruhi caring for Haleh Houshmandi while in the same cell, and spending her few days of family leave in helping Haleh’s family; seeing Raha Sabet cutting short her own few days of leave, volunterily going back to her cell with the hope that Sasan may be permitted a few days out of his solitary confinement, shows the ultimate sacrifices of all of you dear ones.

    You all care about others while yourselves are under tremendous pressure. No doubt these sacrifices will bring wonderful results in our beloved Iran.

  4. Glenn Franco Simmons

    April 29, 2009 11:36 pm

    My prayers are with you and all prisoners in Iran, and all the jailers, and those who order the jailers to do what they do.

    All are God’s children, and you, Ms. Houshmandi, and all the other Bahá’í prisoners, are my inspiration.

    I will read the ‘Tablet of Ahmad” again tonight. In English, Red Grammer chants it, and as I listen to him tonight, I will read along, praying for all of you: those who incarcerate and those who are incarcerated and those who have been at least temporarily released.

    I live far away from you, Ms. Houshmandi, in an area where the tallest trees in the world grow, and please know that my prayers and the prayers of others will soar to greater heights than any earthly creation can reach.


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