Harassment of Baha’is in Semnan


Khabar Navard site reports the following:

In a continuation of the harassment, aggravation and threats against the Baha’is of Semnan, as well as their friends in some cases, Mrs. Khadijeh Nabavi has been summoned to the Information Office in that city on a number of occasions.  Each of these visits has ended in a lengthy interrogation.

However, this time the harassment did not just end with the interrogation, but rather, Erfani (which of course is just one of his pseudonyms), who is the interrogator of the Baha’is of Semnan and has a history of harsh and cruel treatment towards the Baha’is of this town, threatened her further by saying, “You must cease to support your Baha’i husband, otherwise he too will be treated ruthlessly.”

The presence of such individuals with pseudonyms, such as Erfani (the interrogator in Semnan), or Muhed (an interrogator in Mazandaran) or Matin Rasekhi (an interrogator in Tehran who is filled with spite and malice towards the Baha’i community), is increasing in all regions of Iran.  They seem willing to barter their humanity and goodwill to win a piece of bread.

[Posted on Saturday, April 25, 2009, at; http://www.khabarnavard.blogspot.com/. Translation by Iran Press Watch.]


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  1. FE

    May 1, 2009 9:57 pm

    Erfani Muhed Matin and their bosses want to hide their idendity not to be remembered with their real names like Judas Yazid and Aqasi. Soon they will be caught by their destiny.

  2. Ali

    May 1, 2009 11:03 pm

    As a child growing up people like Erfani and company were abused and neglected by their parents. So they never had a good role model. Next time, offer them tea and sweets. They do what they do because they have heard that God, the Prophet and the Imams had appointed the Mollahs and Ayatoolahs as their sole representative and interpreter on earth. They haven’t read the Quran by themselves to discover that neither God nor the Prophet nor the Imams ever made such an “appointment” to give Mollahs the right to represent them on earth or to tell Iranians what God wants from them through Mollahs. Once they discover this, they’ll repent. So give them flowers and stop by every month to see if they missed seeing the Baha’is.


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