Update on the Situation in Shiraz

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As the readers of this site have guessed, very little information and news has come from Iran in recent days.  Iran Press Watch was able to glean the following from a few sites in Persian:

  • Raha Sabet voluntarily went back to prison so that Sasan Taqva might be released.  Sasan was released on April 28. The authorities have renewed his family leave for a week.
  • Haleh Rouhi was given family leave on Sunday April 19.  Her leave has been renewed for the third week.
  • Raha, Sasan and Haleh have served over one-third of their incarceration sentence.  They can be eligible for pardon soon, which generally happens after the prisoner has served about a third of their sentence.  Families of the three Baha’i youth are trying and hope that happens.
  • Vahdat Dana is in solitary confinement.  He is father of two children.  His heart ailment is the cause of concern.  He had a heart attack not long ago, for which he spent a few days in intensive care.
  • Keyvan Karami and Farham Masumi are incarcerated in the same cell.  There was a glimmer of hope for their release, which unfortunately did not happen.
  • Farham Masumi was married just a few months ago and this was supposed to be the newly-wed’s first Naw-Ruz together.
  • Families of prisoners and some other Baha’is continue to receive threatening phone calls.

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  1. FE

    May 11, 2009 3:08 pm

    The sacrifices of these youth are examples for all the young people of the world. To imprison youth for acts of social service to the people of Iran degrades the decision makers to a lower level as the ignorant idolators in prehistoric times. That ignorants had no best practice and civilization to learn from at hand . Today evreryone can see in television and internet how european and other northern countries are promoting education of the youth without prejudice. What a pity for degraded Iran.


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